Round Type Cooling Tower

Premier Cooling Tower is engaged in providing a huge array of FRP Round BottleType Cooling Tower. These are fabricated using the best grade quality components. Our towers work on the principle of counter flow, which results in flow of water while the air is pulled upwards by a fan. Thus, the air that is generated is fresher, cooler and less saturated. The FRP round bottle type cooling towers offered by us are light in weight and can be easily installed on roof without any special reinforcement. These towers are provided with a direct driven axial fan, which ensures that the system is free from problems faced with belt & gear drives. The main features of this tower include less air resistance to water, saving in operational costs, Resistant to water borne bacteria and organisms And light in weight and low power consumption.

Highlighting Features:

  • Compact Design

  • Study Structure

  • Honeycomp type PVC fills

  • Has Maximum heat transfer surface per unit volume

  • Uniform distribution of hot water by rotating arm Sprinkler.

  • Non - Corrosive aluminum alloy blades or fan


  • Aluminum die casting m/c

  • Air compressors

  • A/C plant & chilling plants

  • Plastic Injection moulding m/c and Blow moulding m/c

  • Chemical industries

  • Dairy, and food processing industries

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