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Here are the services we offer

Square Type Cooling Tower

Features :

Stationery non-clog nozzle for easy maintenance

PVC fills for larger contact surface area

Weather proof IP 55 Flange motors with extended craft

Auto fill float

Aerodynamically designed air inlet louvers made of extruded PVC for least water losses

Round Type Cooling Tower

Highlighting Features :

Compact Design

Study Structure

Honeycomp type PVC fills

Has Maximum heat transfer surface per unit volume

Uniform distribution of hot water by rotating arm Sprinkler.

Cross flow Cooling Tower

Applications :

Aluminum die casting m/c

Air compressors

A/C plant & chilling plants

Plastic Injection moulding m/c and Blow moulding m/c

Dairy, and food processing industries

Timber Cooling Tower

Advantages :

Saving of energy

High performance

High efficiency and durable

Interchangeable spares

Fast delivery

Cooling Tower Spare Parts

We offer our clients with a wide variety of fans which are manufactured using advanced technologies. These fans exhibit the features of durability and strength. Some of the important features of our range of fans include:

FRP-hollow Construction

Aerodynamically Designed

High efficiency

Dynamically Balanced

Low Vibration